suppose I have always been a little “showy”. We’re talking about a kid who owned a pair of blue suede shoes in grade school. Design has always been an essential component in my life and I suppose in my soul it’s who I am. I have made a career out of focusing on the details, while never ever losing sight of the big picture.

In a previous life, I was a publication designer. This is why my table designs usually involve some type of graphic pieces. For me, great typography on a table is as critical as the correct linen. Magazine art direction took me from Indianapolis to Atlanta and then on to New York. Overall, it was a great ride, but in 2002, my family dynamic shifted a bit and I found myself back home where I belong. It was during the set-up of a wedding for my friend’s son, that I realized that my entire life had been nothing more than a wonderful series of dog & pony shows – and oh how I love putting on the show!

Fast forward to the present and here I am an event designer in my home town blessed by a welcoming circle of individuals and families who allow me to be a part of their life events. I see this second act for me as a complete honor. I feel fortunate to even have a second act and to have found a career, which touches people as much as this does – and probably touches me even more.