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My life revolves around design. I’ll own that—but what I have also known for years is that design is just the vehicle in which I travel. With a little help from some insanely talented people, I get to make memories and in some cases, even dreams, come true—and that is the real destination.

Stylistically, I suppose I can be described as a “less is more” type of designer. I am constantly editing to find that sweet spot of “just enough” effect to make a memorable impression without superfluous elements that confuse or distract. I’m sure this comes from my years in the Graphic Design BFA Program at Indiana University.

Since then, I have worked as a graphic designer and publication art director in Washington DC, Atlanta, New York and Indianapolis.

All of this experience has led to opening David Reilich Occasions, a full service event company. It is my dream come true and has allowed me to work for and with some amazing people, for over a decade now. Focusing primarily on private events, we work tirelessly to manifest our clients’ visions of their special occasion. I love what we do and why we do it—and I believe it shows in every little detail we measure, test and fuss over.

Welcome to my website and to a little taste of my world. I’m thrilled to have you here and hope that you will call me to discuss making some memories of your very own.


David Reilich Occasions works hard to be one of the premier event firms in Indianapolis. We specialize in private events such as custom weddings, large birthday celebrations and one of a kind baby showers. I’d like to think our events are perfect statements—they raise their voice when they need to and they whisper when they should. The design process typically begins with the invitation and from there everything has to fit into a common tone and style. Design surprises are a must for a great party, however, nothing should appear random or out of place. Everything has a reason in a DRO event.


“God is in the details”…This Mies van der Rohe quote is the way we run this Indianapolis event firm. The design details are key. It is not unusual to find us measuring table décor during set-up to make sure placement is just so. These special design moments are what we live for.


Every DRO event has custom graphics somewhere in the event. A great invitation is so critical to a DRO event; it has become part of our trademark. Our unique graphic style does so much more than just invite guests; it intrigues, lures and prepares guests so they are in the correct mindset and are ready to have a great time. I consider a DRO invitation “the event before the event”.


Leave a message here or contact us at: 317.294.9170 or reilichd@comcast.net